"Vinkovo” Tourist board Velika and Association Velicanka on St. Augustine Square organizing a commemorative celebration of St. Vincent. With cultural program, enjoy the wine and food specialties. Priest from Velika blessed the vineyards to the traditional rite, and trimmed bunches sprinkled with old wine, with posted in cured meat products, thus expressing a wish for fertility and good yields of grapes. With this good wine, song, sausage and bacon, the good time never ends.


Cultural Artistic Society Ivan Goran Kovacic from Velika organizing their folklore for several years. Event has an international character, because the traditional folklore groups coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary and Romania

Velika this weekend live with folklore, especially because foreign folk groups are guests for several days, and live with local residents in a great friendship


Tourist board Velika and Sports Fishing Association Velicanka organize gastronomic event "Fish soup" in which participants present their knowledge of preparing dishes of freshwater fish.


The event, which presents the cuisine of the entire region. The event to gather all the family, public associations, sports clubs demonstrating their knowledge in preparation of various dishes. The event tables are stacked in a row, we want to break the world record for the longest served table in the world.  

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